About Christy Capano

Christy Capano graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. While focusing on literature and art history, it was a class in set production that incited a preexisting passion for architecture and design. After graduating in 2003, Christy moved to Los Angeles, and began renovating houses. As project manager, she was required to oversee the most intimate details of each restoration. From selecting exterior finishes to interior base moldings, each selection was carefully chosen to highlight and enhance the architectural integrity of the structure. Christy has also worked in several boutique interior retail stores throughout LA, exposing her to a vast array of design resources. She has since parlayed these experiences into a growing interior design career. Recognizing that fantasy can often turn to folly, she encourages her clients to make bold choices, yet maintain a cohesive aesthetic where comfort and livability are always the ultimate goal. A curated mix of vintage and contemporary selections are incorporated side by side to create a timeless appeal, ensuring that a client's space will be enjoyed for many years to come.